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Things I almost remember...

Wow, do I have any friends on here anymore? I know I haven't posted in, like, a year or so. I decided that it was finally time to give a real LJ post letting people know what I'm up to and what I've been doing. Anyway, to start, Most people I know well know that I have a "new" girlfriend, Brenda. She's great but has been very sick recenty... we're hoping she feels better soon. Of course it's a long term problem and it means that my girlfriend cannot drink. Heh, who knew, Chris would have agirlfriend who couldn't drink. She doesn't mind hanging out with me while my other friends and I get our drink on. I still go out pretty regularly and it is becoming more of a problem as Winter rolls in, everyone knows I like to smoke like a chimney when I go out and Denver does not allow you to smoke in Bars. It's rediculous, firstthey close bars at 2am and now I can't smoke in them... Quite mad really.

The other big news that people may not know is that about 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I'm on medication for that and for High Blood Pressure... hmmmm... didn't have these problems when I was going out every night... Maybe the achoholism was doing me some good. Well, I still go out on Fridays and sometimes during the week. Usually if I'm out I can be found at Cafe Netherworld. No club going recently , we've been planning on getting out to the Shelter on Saturday sometime soon, but that was before Brenda got really sick.

More news, this LJ post is being brought to you by the way of my new laptop. Yes, I've finally gotten myself my own brand-spankin' new laptop. For the nerd-kin among you, it is a Dell Vostro, 2.0 GHz Duo Core, 2GB DDR2, 120GB HD, DVD Burner, Nvidia 8600m GT, 15.4" LCD Screen. It's got all of the other niceties, Wireless and even a built in WebCam. I loves it a whole bunch. So far it has played everything *I* have to throw at it at pretty much the highest settings, including Battlefield 2142 and Hellgate: London (which I just picked up). Of course I have my old staple, World of Warcraft. I do need to find a new server to play on with people I know though, so if you have any ideas, someone should let me know.

Besides that, not too much is going on. I have been pretty much living with Brenda now and I just brought Fionna to stay over here as well. The problem is that she has 3 cats already, the adjustment has been slow going, she has been hissing up a storm. We'll eventually get them all together as one big happy kitty family though, mark my words.

That's about everything, my job is kinda crappy sometimes. Like most jobs, it would be great if it weren't for my boss. He has a tendency to sit in the next room and listen to me work and over scrutinize EVERYTHING. This really sucks... Have you ever tried to concentrate on work when someone is spending their entire day staring at you... I don't mean that figuratively. His office is right behind mine and their is a window that leads from my office to his and his desk faces the window. He is RIGHT THERE, ALL THE TIME. Anyway, that's not going to change anytime soon and I deal with it because I don't wanna look for a new job. But he does piss me off sometimes.

Anyway, this is enough of my ranting self, though I guess it is about time that I did so. I'll talk to you later. How much later? Who knows...


I'd suggest Silvermoon, But I'm washing my hands of WoW when my free year is up on Xmas...

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January 2015

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