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Good times for a change

Damn, the Dervish is closing. This is rough for me... Damn, I'm feeling so far away right now. And I am. Again, I feel so disconnected from my friends and family. I remember when the Crystal closed. I even went to the dark times, the Pendragon's Den months. It's hard for me to believe that soon it will all be gone. And I won't be there to send it off.

At least with the Shim Sham Club I was able to be the there for the night of 1000 degree rabble-rousing.

And at least it came back in some form (though never as good as the first time).

I am so depressed now it is sickning.

You can't go home again.


that is rough for you, its the only place I've ever seen you. but it'll come back eventually. remember the crow bar?
I know, I hope so. You Had the Blue Crystal, the Crystal, Pendragon's Den, The Crowbar and finally The Dervish... It could grow a new Hydra's head...

Till then I guess I'll have to settle for Molly's and the Abbey... Just not the ame though.

At least OEJ is still open and having 80's night... Right?! RIGHT?!
OEJ gets a little densely packed for my tastes.
I went to 80's nite once after the hurricane with Rob and one of his friends. It wasn't the same without you. It was still cool. I met some youngish people who were impressed with my lyrical knowledge of "Everything She Wants". But still...it will never be the same again.
Well, it could sort of be if we met there... I am going home for the holidays.
If we go home for the holidays (depending on finances, etc.), then I will go to OEJ's with you. One more time, at least, would be really awesome.
Wow. That is depressing.

So many memories...
I know... so many people, so much debauchery, so much fun... so little time.
I found time for quite a few people there. hehehehe.
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January 2015

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